About My Northwest Backyard and Beyond

About My Northwest Backyard and Beyond

My Northwest Backyard and Beyond is all about exploring history, experiencing different cultures, and enjoying the natural beauty all around us. With artisan spotlights to give you that local flair and in-depth articles on events and activities, I hope to entice your mind, body and spirit to get out and explore the world around you.


About Me

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest with my parents and my two brothers. Thanks to many family reunions around the United States, camping trips in the summer and hiking year round, I was instilled with a love of the outdoors and an itch for adventure.

When I was 14, I spent 8 months in Momax, Zacatecas, Mexico with my mom and step dad. It was one heck of an experience I will never forget. From the quant, small town vibe and friendly people; the fresh fruit, warm elotes (Mexican corn on the cob), and corn tortillas fresh from the taqueria; to the beautiful mountain range, abundance of cacti, beautiful swimming hole and the thunder storms that would make the windows rattle, Mexico will always hold a special place in my heart and it left me with a desire to learn more about other cultures.

When I was 17, I went on a mission trip with my church for two weeks to Baja California where we helped build a church. I loved getting to know the kids and making them smile. It made a lasting memory that made me yearn to do more volunteer work like that, locally and around the world.

When I was 18, I got my first job as a campground attendant at Crater Lake National Park. Which started a 5 year adventure that gave me the opportunity to work in Crater Lake National Park for three summers in a row, Death Valley National Park for one winter, the Grand Canyon National Park for a couple months, then Lake Tahoe for 3 years. Seeing lal those beautiful natural wonders made me want to see more and further fed the itch to travel and see the world.

Since then I have moved back to the Pacific Northwest and have been enjoying exploring every trail I can find, immersing myself in the nature all around me, soaking up the culture and history my hometown has to offer and slowly saving up to see and experience the world around me. Follow me as I show you the Northwest from a local’s point of view, and hopefully I’ll inspire you to immerse yourself in the world around you, too!